here’s to you, heidi beth

I have been utterly sick with an ugly cold lately, I think it’s from working overtime…
Corn field — Moorhead, MN
 It’s my beloved sister Heidi Beth’s birthday and she’s crawling behind me at 22 years old! I could never imagine my life without Heidi, she drives me crazy and keeps me sane, she’s the common sense to my daydreaming, she is the best friend I would never have if she weren’t my little sister. We have never been far apart and have watched one another grow (or in my case, shrink). Sure, we’ve had our hair-pulling, pounding-on-the-bathroom-door-waiting-for-the-shower, hey-that’s-my-shirt days, but we are of the same flesh, family forever.
Here’s to you, Heidi, and 22 years!
 Heidi & Paul…and the cake I made with Starbursts and white chocolate!

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