An Object of Beauty

I’m currently reading Steve Martin’s book An Object of Beauty. I like to dig it out during my morning/evening subway rides from Brooklyn to Manhattan, biting off a few short chapters at a time.

When I went to the book store to look for a book, I couldn’t make up my mind. I am so out of the loop as to what’s good and what’s mediocre that I often rely on the New York Times Bestseller seal of approval to guide my way.
I read the synopsis on the back cover of An Object of Beauty, and immediately knew it was the book I needed. The story is about a young woman named Lacey who, like me, is living in New York City. The story is set in the early- to mid-90’s and chases Lacey around the city, where she works for Sotheby’s. Initially starting out working with the forgotten artwork in the basement, witty Lacey works her way up the ladder in the art dealing world and gains the respect of gallery giants. The story starts to build when she makes her first $7,000 off a cunning art sale, moves to an expensive flat and begins purchasing expensive works. I’m about one third through the book and eager to know how her life continues to unfold.
Anyway, Lacey is so intriguing to me because at the beginning of the story, she’s barely getting by and garners little recognition. But once she realizes that everything is in front of her, and she merely has to say the right things to the right people; that she is capable of doing what no one expected of her; and how to apply herself amidst opportunity; she soars.
Lacey gives me a lot of hope, because right now I feel that I am sifting through forgotten works in the Sotheby’s basement, hoping to strike a land mine of wealth. There is so much opportunity here, it’s just a matter of time before I can hopefully climb to the first floor and see the light…
I am happy to start somewhere, and I’m happy it’s here.

View of Manhattan from Manhattan Bridge during a taxi ride home. I love evening cab rides where you can sit and enjoy all the pretty lights.


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